To exemplify all of the skills I learned in my semester After Effects course so far, here is some work I have created during my RTV4929c (After Effects) course. 
All of the work here shown will be displayed in chronological order to show the progress I have made while learning Adobe After Effects.
Show Open Project: Ted LAsso
I produced a project with layered Photoshop files, 3D Camera, 3D lights, title tool to create a show open for the Apple TV Series, Ted Lasso.
Explainer Project: European Football
Using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere I conceived, wrote, voiced over, created motion graphics, edit, sound designed a 1-2 minute "Explainer Video".  In my explainer video, I explained about the Top 4 European Leagues in Football.
Animated Logo Project: Knicklights
I was tasked to pick one “client”: a network, a show, product or service and build an animated brand logo for that client. I decided to create an animated logo for my YouTube channel, Knicklights.
Kinetic Typography: Harry Styles - Canyon Moon
I built a motion typography project paced to a song, Canyon Moon by Harry Styles.  I employed tactics and project strategies such as 3D layout structure, lighting, camera, special effects, depth of field, design layouts, alpha mattes and more to the project.

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